Start tracking now!



As simple as chatting

Your team will no longer need to track their work hours manually; simply add Sheena to Slack or Hangout and let the magic happen!


As important as smiling

Sheena is much more than a time tracker: Sheena reports the mood of your team members every day so that you can help and take care of them.


As useful as a right hand

Sheena is the perfect assistant! She gathers all the information about the capacities and skills of each of your team members so that you can manage them efficiently in every project.


Sheena knowledge community

Sheena also helps you build a knowledge community where team members are encouraged to post news, data and opinions turning knowledge exchange into a dynamic practice within the company. Sheena encourages participation and steady growth of the community’s knowledge through her voting system.

What more sheena offers you


Sheena works well together with:

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You can also get Sheena´s API and integrate it with your products.